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Spray mist into your face, it works!

Nano Facial Mister

We have all seen and used canned aerosol misters. Many big brands like Evion have them and to be honest, they are wonderful. Getting the fresh mist with a subtle scent in your face feels just amazing. No wonder that so many beauty experts and celebrities don’t leave their house without it.

There is only one disadvantage of those, they are pricey and regular use feels like burning away money. Of course that isn’t much of a problem for our celebrity friends and sponsored beauty bloggers, but for the average person it drains the wallet.

What is facial mist really good for?

In the first place nano facial mist is great for hydrating your skin. We have all experienced the dry skin that air conditioners give us. Nowadays most people work either in air-conditioned offices or in heated offices. Do you know what both of them have in common? They produce dry air and dry air is one of the main enemies of good skin. It lets your skin age faster because it drains out the water. So whether you are traveling, in the office, or just at home, your skin needs hydration. 

One of the greatest advantages is that you can hydrate your skin without getting it oily. The nano facial mist is so small in diameter that it won’t even ruin your makeup. You have heard right, this is probably the only hydration that you can give your skin while wearing makeup without having to worry about your look.

Beauty bloggers recommend to use the facial mist before applying makeup to moisten your skin and regularly after you have applied makeup.

Refillable and customizable facial mister

Use portable facial mister


In recent times there has been one major development in facial hydration. After the glorious idea of using canned facial freshener there was another breakthrough.

Using a device that provides you with that juicy and addicting nano facial mist and at the same time helping your wallet. A refillable facial mister is what we are looking at here.

Equipped with a small water tank this device is the perfect travel buddy. But also for home usage it exceeds in functionality.

The best part is that you can refill it and give it your personal touch. 

Personal touch of facial mist

Now this is probably our favorite feature about those cool devices. You can create your own, individual mist. There are unlimited choices that you can try out and see how it affects your skin. Many people love putting a bit of rose water or lemon water in the water. This gives you a scent that makes the whole use feel even better.

There are plenty of mixtures you should try out. 

The only limitations are:

  1. Don’t use liquids that are oil-based, those will not work well and damage your mister eventually
  2. Do not use more than 10-15% of the added ingredients. The tool is mainly made for water solutions

How to use the nano facial mister?

Using this device is incredibly easy. Most devices that we have tested so far have the same function.

  1. Open the water tank
  2. Fill the water tank with water (don’t use tap water) 
  3. Optional: Add your favorite ingredient right in the water tank or mix it before filling in it
  4. Put the tank back on
  5. Open the mister and it will start producing mist

There is usually a timer of around 60 seconds for one use. If you want to keep going just open and close it. Should the device stop even though being open, there might be an air bubble inside? In this case just gently shake the mister and it will work again.

Facial mist improves skin?

This is probably one of the easiest conclusions we have ever made. This device is excellent and useful in any way. Once you start to use it and feel the hydration of your skin, you will get addicted to it. It makes you feel refreshed and can improve your skin within days. 

Especially if you are one of those that live in a tropical, warm and humid climate, it is perfect. So many people have problems with dry skin around their T-zone but are afraid to use creams or lotions that are often based on oil. Use this mister every time you feel your skin needs it and see how fast you overcome the dry skin.

We have developed and released our own facial mister. After months of research the sweet spot of portability, reliability, and efficiency has been found.
Check it out here.

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