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Silicone facial brush in hand

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Silicone facial brush benefits

The silicone facial brush is an old-timer and bestseller at the same time. For years it is helping people to get better skin. You can call it a basic beauty utensil that every household should have.
Its main use is the exfoliation and cleansing of your facial skin. There is no way you can achieve the same results with your bare hands, you just can’t move your hands this effectively. 

In comparison with other beauty cleansing tools, the silicone material is what really stands out. For other nylon bristles based cleansing brushes, such as the Clarisonic, you have to change the head quite often. This is not only tedious but also expensive. The magic lies within silicone properties such as the resistance to bacteria and its non-abrasive behavior. There is a reason why silicone is nowadays widely used in the medical and beauty industry. 

The gentle silicone allows even the most sensitive skin types to use this device. It is just such an easy way to reach into your pores and clean all the dirt, oil, sweat, makeup residue, and dead skin cells. Whether you are in front of the mirror or under the shower, you can be sure your skin will thank you for this treatment. With a highly increased absorption rate for products used after the cleaning, your wallet will thank you too. It is an effective, low maintenance and easy to use tool, no doubt about that.

Brush design that stands out

Silicone facial brushes come in various shapes. What makes our Elunara silicone brushes so special is its smooth and calming design. There is a ton of reasoning behind every single detail in our brushes. 

silicone facial brush topview

Let’s start with the most important part of the brush, the touchpoints. Those small silicone nipples come in different sizes. Each size has a different use and makes the overall treatment so successful. The bigger touchpoints are generally for normal and oily skin whereas the thin touch points are great for very sensitive skin. The brush has over 1000 touchpoints, not bad right?
On first touch, you feel the soft and smooth texture of it. The material is not only skin-friendly but also environment friendly.

fine touch points of silicone brush

Even though the battery lasts for an incredibly long time, you need to charge your beauty tool once in a while. Just open the little plug on the side and insert a USB charger, power bank, or your computer. To be waterproof, according to IP66,  this plug needs to be fully closed when washing the tool or when using it in the shower.

The fact that it is so easy to charge and carry makes it the perfect companion for business trips or travel. Just slip it in your bag, it won’t take much space. You can use the same charger that you use for all your other devices. 

A feature that other facial brushes don't have

Now, to round up the great experience we introduce the standing bottom. How often did it annoy you that your facial brush just lays somewhere next to the sink? It’s so easy to fall on the floor and to get dirty. This is a big no-no for any device that you use for cleansing your face.
To ensure that the beauty tool is as clean as it gets, there is a built-in platform that allows it to stand upright. 

Have your most crucial beauty tool stand tidily next to the mirror and in perfect range for your daily routine. In case it ever gets dirty or you just want to clean it once in a while, just wash it in the sink. The whole device is fully waterproof and totally suitable to use under the shower or clean it in the sink.

standing silicone brush

How to use a silicone facial brush

Using this tool is rather simple but still worth mentioning. First, you need to think about why you want to use it. Most people like to use it for skin exfoliation. This picture sums up all functions of our silicone facial brush, it can be used as a good example for most tools of other high-quality brands.

drawing of silicone brush features

Preparation of your face

The very first before beginning any treatment is to remove any makeup from your face.

For the best exfoliation results, you need a peeling/cleansing cream or gel. Most of the regular products are fine, it does not need to be fancy. Preferably you need something that is more liquid than thick. Do not try those coarse pastes that feel like a mixture of sand and water.

Now you need to wet your face with water. Make sure all areas that you want to exfoliate are wet. 

As the next step, you need to apply a bit of your cream or gel. You don’t need to use a lot since the silicone facial brush is very efficient and takes the most out of it.

Start the cleansing

Then you turn the silicone brush on and start to gently clean your face. Make circular movements and adjust a suitable speed. Most people feel comfortable with the medium speed and speed up once the gel or foam fully covers your face. The device will stop after 3 minutes to ensure you haven’t forgotten to turn it off. If you like to go for another 3 minutes, just turn it on again. It is a smart reminder function to save battery power.

To charge it, simply connect it via USB and wait two hours for it to be fully charged. With one charge you can go around 100 times.

usb charge silicone facial brush

How does the silicone facial brush function?

After hearing all those stories about how effective it can clean your face and exfoliate, you probably want to know how it does so.

The main function is using its silicone touchpoints to clean out your pores and exfoliate. With a mechanical exfoliationit scrubs off your dead skin cells. The fine silicone touch points stick to the dead skin cells and pull them away. This way you not only renew your skin but also help to unclog pores. More often than you know it is dead skin cells and dirt that clogs your pores.

You might already know it, dead skin cells, dirt and excess sebum (oil) are the main reasons for pimples. Those get trapped in the pores and start building up what we call a pimple. Once it is growing, you have to endure it for a while. Treatments to actively remove pimples are often not exactly what you want. The best way is to keep exfoliating your skin and remove any foundation for pimples to grow. With a healthy skin routine, you will get rid of most pimples. 

Reduce and prevent wrinkles

There are many reasons why we get wrinkles and little to no solutions to fight them. But you can help to prevent them and slow down the whole wrinkle building process. Without a doubt, the most important factors are nutrition, hydration, and avoiding the sun. You can’t make up for those with any beauty tool.
However, it does not mean that beauty tools do not have an effect. Using the silicone facial brush with its high-frequency vibration can be effective against wrinkle building. The vibrations increase the blood flow in your skin and help to renew cells. In addition, the cleansed skin has a higher ability to absorb nutrients in your skincare lotions. This helps the skin greatly to stay hydrated.

Results of silicone brush cleansing

The results from this beauty tool are among the largest you will experience. The process of exfoliation and freeing your skin of dead cells, dirt, and grease has a significant impact on your skin. By regularly using the silicone facial brush you will surely reap those benefits. Make sure you find a routine that fits your skin sensitivity and overall feels good. Combine the cleansing with a moisturizing mask afterward or lotion.

Make sure you consistently do it and stay patient. Right after the first use you will feel how smooth and clean your skin feels. Keep doing and after around 2 weeks you see very clear differences in your complexion. 

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