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Can you vacuum out blackheads?

Can you vacuum out blackheads?

Suck it all out with the blackhead vacuum

blackhead vacuum

If you are active in the skincare and beauty scene you must have seen this gadget gaining popularity in the last few months. A beauty tool that is taking care of one of the biggest enemies of every Skinfluencer and beauty fanatic, blackheads. There is almost no person who doesn’t have them and who didn’t try hard to get rid of them. Whether using fingers or some steel tools to get them out, we all know how tough it is.
So how about this new gadget? Does it work as advertised? We are taking a closer look at it and make sure you know what you are getting.


Does a blackhead vacuum work?

Usually we would explain what it is good for, but for this gadget it pretty much lays on hand.

It looks like a miniature vacuum that sucks out your blackheads and oil from clogged pores. Sounds pretty simple and people were dreaming of a technology like this for ages.

And it works pretty much like those big vacuum cleaners that you know. The area that surrounds your blackhead will create a vacuum which then sucks out the blackhead.

We all have tried the black stripes that are supposed to pull out blackheads, but they don’t work. How about this magic vacuum?


How to vacuum blackheads and is it dangerous?

Using blackhead vacuum

By Youtube “My Pale Skin”

When it comes to using the blackhead it is not as simple as it sounds, if you want to do it appropriately without damaging your skin. Before starting any sucking, you should loosen up your pores. 

To do this you can either use hot steam, glycolic acid, or salicylic acid. Once your pores are loose and it’s easy to push out blackheads by bare hand, then you are ready to go and start your treatment.

Take the vacuum gently on the area where you want to suck out a blackhead. Then turn on the vacuum function and see how the suction removes your blackhead. 

As always, be careful. Right here is the step where most people seriously damage their skin. Don’t be too persistent on your blackheads. You won’t be able to remove them all during your first treatment. Suck gently and try to remove as many as possible. Some of the really big and robust blackheads might be stuck in your pores and you won’t be able to suck them out. That isn’t a problem, just try it manually with your fingers or steel tools. 

Don’t force suck too much. If you do so, your skin will be full of red areas, and even worse, you can damage small blood vessels that lead to telangiectasias. You can see a lot of failures online and while reading on forums. People overdo it and then complain about problems in the community. As it is with everything in beauty care, you need to be careful and consistent to achieve good results.


Beauty community goes crazy over blackhead vacuum

Yes you have heard right, people are going crazy about this tool. It has been out for a few months now but its popularity is still rising sharply. Next to all those tutorials on how to use it, you can find your favorite beauty blogger testing one of those devices. Youtube is a great place to find people testing the beauty gadgets on its efficiency. Unfortunately it is also the place where you can find a lot of bad guides that will screw up your skin. Be careful who you follow and what routines and treatments you give to your skin. 

Satisfying videos that show how much dead skin, oil, and blackhead your skin has been all over the net. They somehow give please, even though they are borderline to disgusting. However people enjoy popping blackheads and cleaning skin, us included.

Sucking out blackheads doesn't work, does it?

Our evaluation and tests on the blackhead vacuum are pretty straight forward. This beauty device seriously helps you to get your skin in better shape. You need to use it in a responsible way to achieve results. 

Depending on your expectations you might need to step back a bit. You won’t be able to suck out ALL your blackheads and have perfect skin after this beauty treatment. It does not work like that and we haven’t seen or experienced anything that can do that. 

Should you get one? Well, if you are a true beauty lover that loves to follow with the latest trends and technologies, then you should. Not only will you be able to improve your skin, but you will also learn more about how your skin reacts to treatments. You will know what kind of blackheads are easy to remove and find out the fine line between helping your skin and getting red dots all over.

We just released our blackhead vacuum. Months of research and development you should not miss.

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