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Facial cleansing brush in 2020 worth it

Facial cleansing brush in 2020 worth it

facial brush against acne and blackheads

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Facial cleansing brush vs hands

You can win the fight against acne and blackheads! Regular face exfoliation, using a facial cleansing brush, is one of the best treatments to prevent acne outbreaks and gain an overall clear complexion. You don’t need any aggressive chemicals to use along with the brush. Soft or even pH-neutral cleansing girls will do the best job here. If you have not tried it out, it will surely be a life-changing experience in the battle against bad skin. In the following, you will learn more about the facial cleansing brush.

Bristle based cleansing brushes are traditional and among the first cleansing devices that got large popularity. Already in 2012, we saw those beauty tools in several online shops. Keeping up relevance with the years is the best statement a beauty device can get. It is still relevant and the function has been proven and improved over time. Nowadays cleansing brushes are a basic utensil for any skin addict, you just need it in your toolbox. 

Why to use an exfoliator brush

The main use of it is cleansing of your skin, removing makeup, dead skin cells and dirt. Once that is removed, the exfoliation starts and becomes the main driving factor for this tool's success. You won’t be able to achieve the same result with your hands, according to various researchers, it can be up to 6x more effective than using your hand. The biggest argument for a cleansing brush and against washing by hand is the bacteria count on your hands. Even after thorough washing, you will find bacteria on your hands. Just be safe and don’t give acne breakouts any change.

The soft bristles are perfect to remove makeup, more efficiently than makeup remover, and less aggressive to your skin. Once your face is clean, or in case you don’t have makeup on, you will start to feel the cleansing brush’s real power. After a treatment session, which shouldn’t take longer than 1-3 minutes, your skin feels smooth as silk.

Smart electrical cleansing brush against acne

Facial cleansing brushes come in many different shapes, their function is still the same though. Our rechargeable Elunara facial cleansing brush has become so popular because of its smart design. 

 facial cleansing brush with charger

The design feature that pops out is the overall size. Unlike many other brands, our brush is small enough to fit in your purse. We put all the technology in a perfectly ergonomic shape.
Do you remember going indoor climbing? You must have had that feeling, after all those hard to grab climbing holds, to finally find a hold that fits your hand perfectly. It will be the same once you hold our device in your hands. 

Ergonomic and flexible design

 Not only is it easy to grab, but it also supports various hand positions. You can be sure to comfortably reach any area of your face with ease. The bristles are soft and suitable for all types of skin. To adjust treatment according to your skin type, different power modes are available.

features of facial cleansing brush

Facial brush battery life - impressive

The battery lasts for a pretty long time, considering the tools weight, size, and performance. Once in a while, you have to charge it though. On the side of the device is a small input for a USB charger. This is by far the most convenient method to charge it. Just use your phone adapter, power bank, or any computer with USB. It won’t get any easier than that. Don’t be afraid to clean the device. It is protected against water jets according to IP66. Don’t submerge it underwater though, it isn’t a submarine. 

 For those who prefer to use batteries with their device, we got you covered as well. Our AAA version of this facial cleansing brush is also available and almost similar.

usb charging a facial brush
Small and handy facial brush beats competition

Did you ever encounter the situation that you stayed somewhere overnight without your whole beauty toolset? It happens to everyone. Most will struggle to remove makeup and desperately using hands to try it. 

Don’t let that happen to you. Our device is small enough to fit in any handbag. Besides you surely won’t have to worry about a conversation starter anymore, when this beauty falls off your bag while trying to look for lipstick.

If you decide to rather give it a fixed spot in your bathroom, you have plenty of places to choose from. The shiny and smooth white color makes sure it fits in with any color. Not only makes it a great accessory, it will remind you daily how important skincare is.

 bristle head of facial brush

How to use an exfoliating face brush

This tool is probably self-explanatory, that is why it is still such a useful beauty gadget in 2020. Most people use this tool for two reasons. 

One is to cleanse your face, removing makeup, dead cells, and grease. The other reason is to exfoliate your skin, to trigger skin cell renewal. The necessity of skin exfoliation is without a doubt. It is the cheapest and still most effective way to control your complexion yourself. 

Research and usage

Various reliable clinical studies have been done that prove the effectiveness of a facial cleansing brush. This is not a tool that might or might not help you. It clearly will significantly improve your skin, if you use it correctly. 

First of all, you need to know that you should never use this device dry. You need an emulsion between the bristles and your skin. The best recommendation from experts is to use gel-based cleansers instead of cleansers with granulates. Exfoliation from the bristles is strong enough to make any cleanser granulates appear an overkill. Soft and even pH-neutral gel cleansers are what is the best for this application.

Beauty device made to amaze you

Bristles, combined with the rotation, are made to produce a maximum amount of foam. You can be more stingy with the expensive cleaner, compared to when you are using your hands only.

When you have the cleaner spread over your face, you need to adjust the speed. There are currently 2-speed modes for our facial cleansing brush. 

Speed mode 1 with around 420 rpm is suitable for more sensitive skin or people with skin conditions such as acne.

Speed mode 2 has around 520 rpm and is preferably used for oily and thicker skin.

You most likely already know which skin type you have. Most people have a mixed skin type though. Some areas are oily and others that are dry. Try using the speed mode 1 for your dry and sensitive U-zone. For oily areas such as the T-zone, most people do good with speed mode 2. 

How often to exfoliate?

 Don’t exfoliate too long or too often. You will have the best results with consistency and a good treatment plan according to your skin sensitivity. 

After usage, you need to put the safety cover over the brush head. This helps to keep the bristles safe and clean. The cover keeps the bristles breathing, so that there won’t be any bacteria growth on them

 In case you use the cleansing brush for removal of makeup, we suggest you clean the bristles once in a while. When the bristles start taking over the color of your makeup, you surely know it is time for some cleaning. Use soap to remove color and residue from the bristles.

How does the facial cleansing brush function?

You probably want to know how it all works? What is exfoliation and why is it so good for my skin?

There are different methods to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation describes the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. This can be achieved by chemical, mechanical, or granular exfoliation. With an electric facial cleansing brush, you are doing mechanical exfoliation. Mechanical and granular exfoliation is considered the most natural.

Dead skin cells, what happens naturally?

Normally your skin sheds dead skin cells every 30 days or so, to make room for new cells. But, as for everything in nature, it isn’t always working as it should. If dead cells are not removed, it can result in dry, flaky areas and clogged pores. Clogged pores are one of the driving factors for pimples & acne.

With regular and consistent exfoliation you can naturally increase your collagen production, which is key to vibrant and glowing skin. This works in favor of wrinkle prevention. The appearance of fine lines and sagging is minimized by high collagen production.
In addition to a higher collagen production, you also benefit from better absorption of nutrients. Most of us provide nutrients to our skin in the form of serums and lotions. Once all the dead skin cells, dirt & grease is removed from your skin, its absorption rate is much better. Eventually, you can get away with using less serum and having an even better effect on hydration. Potent nutrients can penetrate to the deepest layer of your skin, where the aging is happening.

A great tip for the best feeling and incredible results is to combine exfoliation with a facial moisturizing mask. It is enough to do this 2-3 times a week to achieve incredible results. Even the first treatment will show clear improvements in complexion. Make sure that your sunscreen game is on top. Exfoliated skin is more sensitive when being exposed to the sun. 

Is a facial cleansing brush good or bad

As for most applications and treatments, it does depend on the person using it. If you follow the recommended suggestions it will surely help you. To find out what helps and improves your skin the best, you need to do a few experiments with duration, speed, and cleanser. Once you find out the combination that works best for your skin, you will have guaranteed results. In various clinical tests, a significant group of testers have shown skin improvements.

Unlike some other, questionable beauty devices, the facial cleansing brush does work and will deliver results.

You can expect results after the first treatment. To achieve and rate its long term skin improvements you should use it for around 2-4 weeks to conclude. So far every customer and tester who tried out our device has seen great improvements. Check out the silicone facial brush as well, it is a great addition to your beauty tools.

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