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How to use aloe vera against acne

How to use aloe vera against acne

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What is Aloe vera, can it help with acne?

Aloe vera, the acne fighter, is a plant that is famous for this thick (succulent) leaves. This plant is evergreen and originated from the Arabian peninsula.
This plant has been used for thousands of years, the Egyptians used aloe vera for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. It was found on papyrus, calling it the “elixir of eternal life” which is pretty straight forward.

Even in today’s modern times, aloe vera enjoys enormous popularity. Most people get in touch with it as the best treatment of a sunburn. While it certainly helps against sunburns, especially because of the hydrating and cooling effect, there are several other uses.

For around 15 years, aloe vera as a drink became popular. It started with drinks that contained aloe vera pieces, to give the liquid some “crunchiness”. Aloe vera became a buzzword for something that feels like jelly and is supposed to be healthy. Some might say aloe vera is one of the inspirations for the bubble tea crave that is going on all around the world.

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Does Aloe vera help with acne?

There are many areas in which aloe vera can and is being used. Cuts, sunburn, and small abrasions are some of them. In this article we will focus on aloe vera as skincare, to achieve smooth and acne-free skin. 

The anti-inflammatory effects of aloe vera can help to treat certain forms of acne. You can make it even more effective when using a few drops of tea-tree oil and mix it with aloe vera. Now you have created a cleanser for your face without any of those chemicals that you find in regular over the counter products. 

Moisturizer for oily skin

Acne is one of the best and natural substances to moisten your skin. Especially for people with oily skin, it is a boon. Just use a little bit of aloe vera and apply it on your face. You will feel the instant hydration without seeing an oily film. Just don’t use too much, otherwise you will have a film of aloe vera on your skin, which can be counterproductive.

If you have dry skin, there are better options than aloe vera. However, you can still achieve good hydration when mixing your aloe vera with oil, such as coconut oil. This really helps against dry and cracking skin, as the oil provides the right moisture.

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Reduce wrinkles with aloe vera

Several studies have shown the positive effects of aloe vera on wrinkles. 

In the most recent research, two groups of women received aloe vera treatment for 90 days, in the form of a diet. Both received different amounts of aloe vera gel supplementation. Important to note here that you can eat aloe vera gel, if prepared correctly.

Results show a significant improvement in wrinkles and skin elasticity. Collagen production has increased as well. No difference was found between the amount of aloe vera consumed. 

There is a lot of products that don’t have research backing it up, aloe vera is one of the supplements that actually help against wrinkles and has been proven to do so.

We recommend you to do some tests by yourself. Just make sure that before any treatment you test it on a small patch of your skin first. Some people might have an aloe vera allergy, those cannot use it.

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Make aloe vera gel and how to store it

You don’t want to buy aloe vera from the store, because there is no good brand available? Or you don’t trust the proceeded aloe vera to be honest with its ingredients (many aloe vera gels have been tested and did also contain other substances, instead of only aloe vera)?

Fortunately, you can easily make aloe vera gel at home. Just follow those easy steps:

  1. Cut an aloe vera leaf into several pieces.
  2. Take a piece and cut off all sides, including the edges. Now the piece should look like a sandwich (top leaf - gel - bottom leaf)
  3. Make a cut right under the top leaf and the gel. Now you can use your hands to pull it apart. Just like this

  4. Take out the aloe vera flesh/gel and put it in a blender
  5. Add a few drops of vitamin C, vitamin E oil, or some essential oil to preserve the gel better. Blend the mixture for around 30 seconds
  6. Put the gel into a clean container in the fridge
  7. It will stay fresh in the refrigerator for around a week

How to store aloe vera gel

No matter if you buy it from your go-to drugstore or make it yourself. Aloe vera belongs to the fridge to keep it for as long as possible. If you buy over the counter aloe vera gel, you will have a bunch of ingredients in there that help to preserve it. Some ingredients you will often find are Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Ascorbic Acid, and Xanthan. It means that you can store it outside of the fridge as well, just avoid sun and high temperatures.

In case you followed our guide to make your own aloe vera gel, you need to store your gel in the fridge. Not putting in the fridge will spoil it after 1-2 days, depending on the temperature. So make sure after using you put it back in there.

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How long does aloe vera gel last

Self-made aloe vera gel lasts around 1 week to 2 weeks. It depends on what kind of extra ingredients you add to your solution. The more preserving ingredients you add, the longer it can last.

For regular over the counter aloe vera gel, you can expect a normal expiry such as 2 years, given you store it correctly. 

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