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Saltwater facial cleansing

Saltwater facial cleansing

facial peeling for exfoliation

What is peeling and saltwater cleansing? 

To understand the power of saltwater facial cleansing we need to go one step back. The skin consists of many skin cells that renew naturally after some time. While living our normal life, skin protects us and keeps unwanted particles out of our bodies.

With all the grease and dirt in our environment, our skin gathers a lot of unwanted substances on its outer layer. When the natural skin cell renewal process starts, the dead cells often cannot just fall off. They are stuck on our skin and can clog pores.

With clogged pores you will start trapping sebum inside which can create pimples and acne.

What is the best we can do to avoid this?

Getting rid of dead skin cells, grease, and dirt on our skin. Doing so with the help of peelings is also called exfoliation and triggers cell renewal. 

Different peeling methods you can use

There is a wide range of peelings available, next to saltwater facial cleansing. All of them have pros and cons. Some might work better for certain types of skin. However, they all have the same effect, exfoliation. Important to know is that certain peelings can be harming if done wrong, so better consider those to be professional peelings. Their effectiveness is high but you really need to know how to do it. 

Overall, according to many studies, all of those peeling methods are working. When you consistently use them, there is a drastic improvement in your skin complexion.

But first, let’s dive into the different categories of peelings, maybe you have already tried out some of them.

mechanical peeling with brush

Mechanical peeling, great for beginner

This is the lightest form of exfoliation (also named peeling) as it only treats the surface. It is my personal favorite because you can easily control its intensity. Most people, who have a strong skin routine, are using this type of peeling. The most common method is to achieve exfoliation with a brushing device, such as a silicone facial brush or rotating cleansing brushes. Those gadgets mechanically remove dead skin cells by just scrubbing them off.

For those who don’t use cleansing devices, peeling creams and lotions are often used. Who hasn’t heard of that peeling gel with microparticles inside? You start rubbing it on your face and can feel how the little particles brush off the dead skin cells. This is something almost every teen has tried out at least once, it is supposed to be a great way against skin impurities and is advertised as such.

Unfortunately, it clearly is not as effective as cleansing brushes, no matter what the advertiser is telling you. In addition, you can damage or irritate your skin if the peeling gel is too strong. 

In case you want to try it out no matter what, try out Sebamed dead sea peeling scrub as it is natural and effective.

chemical peeling

Chemical peeling at home or in the studio?

This can be considered the strongest form of exfoliation. In most cases it should be carried out y experts. Chemical acids as injuring the first layer of skin and then a wound healing process is started. As for everything, there are light and strong versions of a chemical peel. Most of the peelings, that are directly based on natural acids, such as acids in milk or tomato juice, are pretty mild for your skin, yet help to improve. Those and others you can most easily buy in your local supermarket or cosmetic shop.

Then there are some peelings that you won’t be able to just buy that easily. Some peels are only available for experts with a medical license such as dermatologists and surgeons. Needless to say that they can be incredibly effective when done correctly, by one of those experts.

It is something you should know about but definitely do not try it on your own. So please don’t try and find out how to do those chemical peels at home, it is dangerous. If you really want it, you need to consult a medical expert and get some real treatment.

surfer have great skin

Does saltwater exfoliate the skin?

Yes it does and the result of saltwater facial cleansing is phenomenal.

This is a peeling which most of you have already experienced, probably the first peeling in your life. It does not cost you anything at all and is completely natural, yet effective. 

The effect is comparable with other peelings.

Saltwater, can be found anywhere in the great ocean of our world. It belongs to the category of mechanical peeling since the small salt crystals remove dead skin by friction. 

Now let me ask you this question, have you ever seen a surfer or diver with bad acne or blackheads? Think about it. Chances are high that you have not. It is because those people constantly exfoliate their skin by this natural peeling. It is, as there is almost no ground for acne or blackheads to grow. 

Saltwater facial cleansing at home

Not all of us have access to saltwater all the time though. So what can you do to still benefit from its great properties for skin? Pretty easy, you can either make your own saltwater scrubs or buy it in a drugstore. There are several peeling lotions which are based on saltwater. One of my favorite peeling lotions is made with salt from the dead sea, at least that is what the ingredient is saying. 

If you use a light saltwater solution, such as the natural seawater, then it is recommended to use a facial cleansing brush to help to exfoliate. Having a device, more efficient and effective than your hands, is a great help to exfoliate and make your skin shine. The salt easily removes dead skin and cleans out your pores. Saltwater exfoliation helps your skin’s hydration function

To improve the peeling session, you can apply a moisturizing lotion or a facemask after it. This way you give your clean and exfoliated skin enough hydration to not start drying out.

Swimming in the ocean as the ultimate peeling 

Why do we call swimming in the ocean the ultimate peeling? It is very easy to explain. At first, the peeling effect that we talked about is quite effective and will surely bring you great results. But in addition, there are a lot of secondary benefits to swimming in the ocean. Not only peels it your face but also your body. 

Do you think only your facial skin has dead skin cells and needs exfoliation? Your whole body can benefit from it. And for all those who live in a warm country like the Philippines, isn’t there anything better than smooth skin on your without having to use tons of products for that? Needless to say that exfoliating your whole body with bought products is expensive as hell.

Swim around or just play in the water for 30 minutes probably burns more calories than being on the treatment for the same amount of time. So why are we wasting so much time buying expensive products or going to beauty studios for our regular skin treatments when we can have free saltwater facial cleansing?

You can have a workout, vitamin D, whole-body peeling session, and fun at the same time without paying a dime. This is what we want you to take away from this blog post. Embrace what you are given by nature and make use of it. Those of us who are lucky to have the ocean nearby, why are we afraid to go in? Just because it could give us a little bit of tan? Use sun protection if that is needed then.

There are no excuses to not have beautiful skin, take what is given to you for free and show everybody your naturally beautiful skin.

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