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Skin hydration with facial mist

Skin hydration with facial mist

Nano facial mist is the best hydration in 2020

Facial mister closed

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What is face mist and how is it different from regular spraying?

Most of you have, at some point, already used some kind of facial mist. The classic is a little spraying atomizer bottle that you can fill up with toner. You can bring it everywhere and it's easy to refill. Not too bad of a tool, having the right toner in there can make or break your day. But the drops you spray are large in size. It feels more like splashing water in your face, not like facial mist.

This not only screws up your makeup, but it also cannot hydrate your skin as effective. The water particles are too big and cannot reach the inner layers of your skin. Often it even gets blocked by your skin’s natural oil film.

Have you ever tried mist in a bottle, like Evian mist? The bottle looks familiar to most of us. If not from the Evian brand, you have probably tried out another brand that offers the same. It is refreshing and there was a period where everybody who loves skincare had one, especially in summer. The refreshing and hydrated feeling is awesome but comes with a big disadvantage. It becomes enormously expensive to keep buying those bottles. In addition, it is really harmful to our environment. The idea was great but in 2020 this just doesn’t do it anymore.

Reusable beauty tools are the way to go in 2020

People are aware of their environment and prefer to reuse items. So why isn’t there a refillable sprayer in the market? Eventually those Evian bottles are spraying water, how can that be so expensive.

For those of you who not only watch their wallet but also want to have more green and environmentally sustaining habits of skincare, there are now alternatives in the market. Refillable electronic nano facial misters are the thing of 2020. It produces a fine, nano mist and you can just refill it as often as you want. Instead of 1 week using Evian spray bottles, how about a device that costs the same and can be used for years, intensively?

What is the benefit of using mist to hydrate your skin?

Well, the first and most obvious benefit is hydration. There are many ways to hydrate your skin, be it with lotions, serums or other creams. Putting on a good, sun-blocking foundation in the morning is still one of the most important regiments for good skin. But what about during the day? You definitely don’t want to keep adding cream and lotion to your skin, this can screw around with your skin's natural ability to produce oils, resulting in dry skin. 

How can facial mist help our skin problems

Instant hydration of your skin with this beauty tool

The most refreshing and natural way to hydrate your skin is by a spritz of cool facial mist. For all of us living in warm and sometimes humid climates, it is a boon. Face mist is the fastest skin reviver, ever. You just spritz it on your face and instantly feel the cooling and soothing effect of it. It brings back the elasticity and fresh young look of your skin. There is nothing more refreshing after hours commuting, hiking, or just grinding in the office.

Hydrate your skin without ruining your makeup

Yes you heard right. This is probably the only way to hydrate your skin throughout the day without ruining your makeup, not even a little bit. Most of us wear makeup during the day and know the struggle of dry air, especially in office spaces, trains, or shopping malls. Why is everything so cold and dry? After a couple of hours in such an environment we can feel our skin, crying for help. Getting dry and flaky, many don’t know how to handle that. No amount of applied moisturizer can work for a full day, so you need to think about something else.

Nano mist is the next level of hydration

Normal face toner, sprayed on your skin by atomizers is great. Facial mist out of a can, from expensive brands like Evian, is even better.

But for over a year, there is a new trend among models and actors in Hollywood. Using a refillable nano mister. Those misters not only allow you unlimited use, without costing money, but they also atomize water into nanoparticles. If you haven’t tried it you probably don’t even know how it feels on your skin. Nanoparticles are small enough to get into the inner layer of your skin so that the hydration happens through all layers. This instant deep layer hydration is unheard of when talking about regular creams or atomizer sprays.

It is so flexible that you can use it for any skin type. No matter if your skin is dry, oily, or mixed. You have the freedom to mix your own toner that you will atomize into nanoparticles.

To adjust to different skin types, you can use various mixtures. Oily skin goes well with just 100% water. For dry skin you better use water that has more minerals in it (i.e. mineral water).

On Youtube there are many creative beauty addicts who use mixtures in the water tank. Especially a mixture of water and rose water or lemon has made itself to the top. We have tried it and recommend to not use more than 10% mixing liquid to 90% water. If you use too much-mixing liquid, the nano atomization cannot function as well as it should. If you try to push the limits with strong mixtures, be sure after doing so you run a few cycles of pure water through the beauty device. This can help clean it from the inside.

Best portable facial mist sprayer

The design of our nano facial mister was finalized after a lot of customer feedback. Not only needs the beauty tool to be ergonomic for each hand, but also easy to use. The most important features in 2020 are USB charging and a refillable water tank. Nobody wants batteries anymore and one-time-use items are just for those who don’t care about the environment.

Facial mist sprayer is charging

The user interface is the next big challenge, nobody likes too many buttons and displays. That is why our new beauty tool shows its status with colors. Red and blue, the probably best antagonists are what we use for indicating the beauty tool’s status. Are you charging the tool? Red light. Once it is fully charged, you can see the red light turn off. Now you know you are ready to go. 

As long as the face mist sprayer is atomizing and working, it will light blue.

Facial mist sprayer is active


How to use hydrating facial mist with this beauty gadget

This beauty device is clearly not as simple as others. Even though we tried everything to keep the core functions as easy to use as possible, it needs some explanation. Make sure you follow each step of this tutorial to get the best out of your device. At first, take a look at this simplified drawing so that you know what we are talking about.

Drawing of facial mister

The very first thing you should do is charging the facial mister. For that you need to pull back the USB-in cover. Pull it in the direction of the arrow. Then just insert the USB cable. You can charge it using a laptop, power bank, or just a classic power socket. Even though we deliver a cable for you to charge, feel free to use any USB that you find around. There is no need to take a separate USB cable in your handbag just for this device. 

Fully charging the empty battery takes around 1 hour. You know it is fully charged when the red light disappears. Now you can go to the next step, which is the creative part.

facial mister filled up with water

To fill up the facial mist sprayer, you need to take off its cap. It is a simple unscrewing mechanism. Then you can fill water in the tank. It can take up to 20ml of water which is enough for 50 full cycles of mist spraying. If you want to make a mixture yourself, to cater to your individual skin type, you can add around 1/10 of solution to it. Essential oils, rose water or even milk are suitable. Just make sure you don’t have more than 10% in it. If the solution has too much oil, then the atomization cannot work correctly and it might clog the gadget.

Spraying nano mist is addicting

This is where the beauty gadget starts to become addictive. Start spraying the mist in your face. Close your eyes and pull down the slider which is covering the spray port. As soon as you pull it down, the beauty device will start atomizing the water. Cool and fine nano mist will gently spray into your face. An instant refreshing and cool feeling will signal your skin that it's time for a treat. Your skin immediately starts relaxing and taking in the moisture. Wrinkles have enough hydration to appear smaller, and the overall skin complexion starts to improve and creates a younger look.

Since the atomization does not happen with heating the liquid but with high-frequency vibrations, the mist is not hot but cold. This makes its refreshing feeling unique and cannot be compared with steaming devices, which have hot steam. As long as you pull it down, the atomization is working. 

How does a nano facial mister work?

The most important thing you need to know is how the face mister creates the nano water particles. It is not a steaming device that heats up water and thus creates water damp. This can be dangerous to your skin and is very situational. Please don’t mistake cool nano mist with hot steam.

Our device works with a nanotechnology that uses high-frequency vibrations to atomize water. After that the nano mist will gently spritz out of the gadget. The mist is not heated up and has the same temperature as the water you fill in. It appears cooler though because of the nanosize of the particles.

The big difference and advantage compared to steam is that it does not open the pores as much. It only provides hydration. Steam is being used to open pores, before a treatment or before applying creams. It would be incredibly bad to open your pores while still being exposed to external pollution such as dust, dry air, or sun. So if you are outside please stay with cool mist and don’t risk anything.

Why is it so helpful for skin and such an addictive habit? The reason why most people love it is a fresh feeling when you apply it. The relaxation of your facial muscles and skin after hydrating it is incredible. 

Research has shown that after just a few days, most testers can see significant skin improvements and have an overall better and younger feeling. There is a study made by Evian to show the positive effects on your skin. 62 women over 4 weeks have intensively used facial mist and afterward explained their results.

Hydration is important and many people are not aware of how much of an impact it can have on your skin. By drinking enough water and keeping your skin hydrated with facial mist you can expect the following improvements of your skin:

  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Improved complexion
  • Reduced puffiness
  • Faster healing
  • Less acne
  • Slower aging
  • Smaller pores
  • Reduced feel of itching
  • Tighter overall skin

Results of nano facial mist

By now it should be pretty clear to everyone how important water is for your skin. You can improve your overall skin appearance and health solely by drinking enough water. Now can you imagine how much you can improve it if you add nano water particles to the mix?

Every time your skin cries for hydration, provide fine nano water particles instead of using creams that are full of unnatural ingredients such as. The biggest advantage is for people with oily skin. Using regular cream just doesn’t do it and will make the skin even more oily, especially in summer. Instead, they can now wipe off the oil and hydrate the skin. This signals the skin to produce less oil and thus gives your facial skin a less greasy complexion.

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