About us

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Bring latest Beauty-tech to everyone

There sure are some secrets that celebrities must keep their skin as perfect as it is. But let’s be honest, a lot of their skin success comes from having the right treatment and products at the right time. Unfortunately, not everyone can go to a fully-fledged beauty spa several times a week to benefit from their high-end equipment.
As Beauty standards rise, so does the technology which tries to keep up with it.
Nowadays you can get advanced equipment that before only the best clinics had, for your home use. You might have small compromises compared to the clinic grade quality, but the effect is almost the same.

This is where we come into game.

Adore It. Try. Live It.

The whole reason that we have started Elunara Beauty is because we ourselves are passionate about beauty gadgets and what it can do for our skin and well-being.
We tried a few devices which are already in the market. Eventually we decided to create our own research and development to optimize what we think is needed. Nowadays we are a team that is passionate about our gadgets. 

Beauty. Love. Science.

Daily we are exploring and researching the internet, magazines and exhibitions to find out newest beauty gadgets.Once we find something which interests us, we start our thorough research and development to combine the best functions in it.

If you ever have great ideas, please let us know. We have the knowledge, passion and team that is needed to come up with new and better ways to make your skin perfect.