Sprinkling Poseidon
Nano facial mister (20ml)

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Are you suffering dry skin? 

You are one of many.

Reasons can be plenty, from dry air-conditioning to nutrition issues.
But don't let that stress you out, now is the best time to give you skin what it needs. Instead of completely relying on moisturizer, how about facial mist for you skin?
The cool mist that consists of the finest water particles gives you an incredible refreshing feeling and moisten your precious skin at the same time.
You can refill the mister yourself and greatly benefit from the proven and innovative technology.

  • Cool mist moistens and soothes tired and dry skin instantly
  • Improve the skin absorption for water and nutritious components
  • Suitable for all skin types, gives you that young and smooth feeling
  • No chemicals involved, completely natural
  • Portable and easy to refill


nano facial mister tutorial